Pitt Meadows Portrait Photographer

Hi, I’m Sarah Davids and I want to take the best photo you’ve ever seen of yourself.

One day your great grandkids will hold that photograph and marvel at how young and vibrant you look. You’ll wonder where the years have gone and realize that right now, in this very moment you are perfect and special just as you are. 

Your photos should be a celebration of where you are in your life’s journey and I’m not just talking about the obvious ones like graduating or having a baby (although those are definitely worth celebrating!). I’m talking about the tween entering high school, the mom who found self love after a divorce or the guy who just landed his dream job. 

Sarah Davids Headshot

Tell me your story. Together we’ll make magic that will be cherished by your family, your children and future generations to come.

– Sarah Davids

In my twenties I struggled with what to gift my grandparents for Christmas. They had everything they needed. So every year my brothers and I would frame a photo of the three of us to give them. It was always a hit and quickly became a yearly tradition. Now that they’re gone, I realize I should have taken more photos OF them. WITH them. We prioritize photos of our children because they grow so quickly, but what about our parents? What about us? My personal priorities are shifting and plans to take more photos of my parents are in the works. I was also inspired by my mom to create The Wise Women Project, a celebration of women over 50. You can apply to be part of this incredible project by filling out this short questionnaire.



Photos matter. Most of us take hundreds of photos every year, capturing moments big and small. Photos represent who we are in that moment, both personally and professionally. It is how we will be remembered and how we will remember others in the years to come.

Investing in professional portraits is about more than just sharing on social media, it’s thinking about where your photos end up. Are they safely stored in the cloud (what was that link again?). Or perhaps on a fancy usb drive stuffed in a drawer? Maybe they were burned to a DVD that you can no longer access because your new MacBook doesn’t have a disc drive. Been there too.

Your portraits deserve to be cherished, displayed and kept safe for future generations. Which is why all product purchases come with the corresponding social media file at no additional cost. Sarah will guide you through the entire process and help you decide on how best to display and share your photos, from wall galleries to albums and folio boxes. Nothing replaces the feeling of a printed tangible photograph and after years of getting used to receiving only digital files, having something to look at every day on your wall or bookshelf is a welcome change.   

Sarah Davids, Portrait Photographer

Pitt Meadows, BC