Finding My Way After Quarantine

The world shut down, so I did too.

When the world shut down in mid-March due to coronavirus, we had no idea what was coming, how long it would last or how we would personally respond to this pandemic. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling scared, uncertain and anxious, in varying degrees depending on the day. My social media feed told an interesting story, the narrative ebbing and flowing as people tried to adapt and overcome, alongside those brave enough to be open about their struggles. Some of us (myself included) took comfort in getting back to basics, teaching our children how to bake bread and plant a garden. But amidst all of the uncertainty and new expectations of home schooling and making 8,000 snacks a day, I lost myself a little bit. Some days more than a little bit. 

I didn’t pick up my camera for 58 days. It sat on the shelf with barely a second glance. On Day 25, I acknowledged this, asking myself why, where was the hesitation coming from? I wasn’t able to shoot commissioned clients but I had three amazing and beautiful children at home I could document. And yet I didn’t. (Aside from candid photos on my phone, those don’t count!). It took me another month or so before I was compelled to plan and shoot a personal session. And I did so out of necessity. I needed out of the house, I needed a break from mommy-ing and my heart needed to create. 

The Desire to Create

I was a math geek growing up, I loved numbers. There was comfort in data, it was black and white to me. But I’ve always been drawn to the arts – writing, dancing, performing – these things make my heart do a little happy dance. Some people are drawn to the mountains, others to the gym. We all need to escape sometimes, and for me, getting out to shoot with no expectation, no plan in mind, really fills my bucket. 

So after way too long worrying about coronavirus and how it was affecting us all, I grabbed my oldest, let her raid my closet and we headed to the North end of Harris Road. We laughed, we talked, we enjoyed the sunshine, the birds, the boats, the quiet. And we created images that I didn’t realize we both needed. It was a turning point for me. A way to lift myself out of the Covid induced funk. I felt happy and inspired. 

What I underestimated at the time is how important and powerful images are. It doesn’t matter your age – a beautiful portrait does wonders for a person’s confidence and their self worth. I won’t forget that again.   

Tween Funny Faces Gif

I know that the last few months have been hard, we all have our own challenges. But I hope that you’re able to find little moments to feel grateful for a slower pace, for more family time, for sunshine. It feels amazing to get out and shoot again and if you’re feeling in a rut yourself, a personalized portrait session may just be what you need! Besides, since you’ve been staring at your living room walls for the past 3 months I know you’re dying for a new wall portrait! (Shameless plug!)

Stay safe my friends,

        xo Sarah Davids


PS. I am taking on a limited number of sessions this summer, so reach out if you’re interested in a fun session for you, your kids or your entire family. I’m not shooting in studio yet but I’m scouting some amazing new locations around Pitt Meadows!

Tween Portrait Session
Sitting on the dyke in North Pitt Meadows
Blowing Dandelions in Pitt Meadows

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