Why You Should Stop Using Stock Photos on Your Website

Are you still using stock photos on your website? 

I get it. Stock photos are an easy and generally inexpensive way to add visual interest to your website. But one thing they lack is PERSONALITY. Let’s face it, stock photos are boring and do nothing to give your prospective client or potential employees any insight on what it might be like to work with you or for you. 

The solution? Stop using stock photos on your website and invest in your OWN “stock photos”. Here’s why:


Clients/Customers want to see behind the “curtain”

The main goal of your online presence is to build trust. They want to know that they are working with or buying from a reputable company run by real people. If your website (or your entire social feed for that matter) is made up entirely of stock photos of people shaking hands or a boardroom that’s not even yours, it feels a bit fake. 

Office Interior

Give Prospective employees a glimse into the space

Do you find that attracting top talent is a struggle in today’s job market? Aside from salary and PTO, your company’s culture plays a huge role in setting you apart and helping you stand out for job seekers. Don’t just tell them what it’s like to work for you, show them! What does your office. or manufacturing plant look like? Instead of sterile corporate stock photos, use real photos of your office to give prospective employees a better sense of your space and help them envision what the work environment is like. Applicants who’ve done their research will appreciate your transparency. If it doesn’t make sense from a corporate standpoint to replace all of the stock photos on your site, consider a section of your Careers page that talks about company culture and includes some real life images of your workplace in action. 

Office with dog

Are you ready to ditch the stock photos?

The first step is to set up a no-obligation consultation (we can do this on the phone or in person) to discuss your company’s specific needs. Office photos start at $750 or can be added-on to a corporate headshot package for just $600.

So if you’re ready to stop using stock photos, click below to send an inquiry email and we can get started.

*Images taken at the Live to Play Sports office in Port Coquitlam, BC and shared with permission.

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