What is Personal Branding?

There is a relatively new term flying around – “Personal Branding” – but what exactly does it mean?


For many small business owners, you and your brand are synonymous. Showing the person behind the business adds a human element to your marketing, which changes your brand perception. If you are a sole proprietor or run a small service or retail business, putting yourself out there adds tremendous value. 

Your brand encompasses your logo, brand colours (mine are purple and gray!), fonts, images, writing tone, etc. It’s basically anything visual that is connected to your business. Proper branding means that these elements are consistent across all mediums, from your website to your social feed. Personal Branding is an extension of that, it is part of your visual identity but is more than just a headshot. It’s about story telling and showing yourself in your element.

If you are a chiropractor, you want to show your potential clients more than just a headshot buried in your About Us page. There is an opportunity to connect with your audience by showing images of you in your office, chatting to the front desk person, or actually working with a client. Showing these types of images help people see “behind the curtain” and get to know you better. Every industry is different and it helps to put yourselves in your customers shoes. What would make your want to buy or book?

Personal Branding

ABOVE: Christine Coughlin at her personal branding session at her home in Maple Ridge, BC. Hair and Make-up by Dames and Dolls Makeup and Hair.

Ditch the Stock Photos – people want to see YOU!

Have you ever been on a website and noticed that they’re only using stock photos? You know the ones with people sitting at desks, laughing or shaking hands? It is a huge missed opportunity to showcase the real person behind the business, interacting with real clients. Almost every industry can benefit whether you sell B2B or B2C. A few professions that come to mind are real estate agent, mortgage broker, lawyer, accountant, author, make-up artist, interior designer, home developer, dentist, boutique owners, choreographer, musician, I could go on and on! If you are the face of your brand and have a website or social media presence, then you would definitely benefit from a personal branding session. It’s a simple way to elevate your brand. Professional photos immediately tell your audience that you are a legit business who is not afraid to invest in themselves.

Personal Branding sessions start with planning. I want to know who you are and what you want your photos to convey. This will help us narrow down location, outfits and the vision for the images. Given the current state of the world, your online presence is more important than ever. I’d love to chat about how personal branding photos can help you elevate your brand and grow your business. For more information and pricing – check out Personal Branding.

Headshot of Heather MacGregor at her laptop
male headshot on stairs

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