Stuck on what to wear to your family portrait session? Follow the few key steps below and you’ll have perfect outfits ready in no time!




What to wear, where to shop and how to plan the perfect outfits for your family portrait session. 


Don’t wait until a day or two before your session to think about outfit choices, as leaving it to the last minute will likely stress you out! Once you’ve booked your session, start thinking about your vision for your portraits and keep the following in mind:


The location of your session, whether in studio, outdoors or in your home, will help define the style of wardrobe you’ll be looking for. 


Consider time of year and the typical weather when booking and planning your outfits. Do you want casual shorts or cozy sweaters? It’s always best to think about layers.


Think about the area of your home you plan on displaying your family portraits and make note of any colour schemes to keep in mind. You want your portraits to flow into your space, no clash. 

What to wear to your session - classic black

Sometimes simple is best – jeans and black tops allow the focus to be all about this mom and her two daughters.

What to wear colour palette for fall photoshoot


When starting to think about colours, first consider your location and potential colours in the background. Earth tones look lovely in the fall, pastels work well in spring and jewel tones pop against a dark grey studio background.

Start with 2-3 main colours and then add in complementary neutral colours to round out your outfits.  

Don’t be afraid of colour! Especially if it matches your family’s personality.

You can absolutely mix patterns too, just make sure the colours go together and add in some solid pieces as well.

Layering works well to blend patterns together – think jean jackets and light sweaters to add dimension.

I’ve created a board of Family Fashion on Pinterest to help inspire you so check it out if you’re feeling stuck.

Or check out the family gallery to see what other families have chosen for their sessions in the past.


What to wear Colour Palette


The best place to start is…..YOUR CLOSET!

I always recommend going through your closets first to see what you already have that you can build off of. You’ll likely find some staple pieces like jeans, or a favourite dress that will help you visualize what you might need to shop for to bring everything together. 

For kids clothes, I love to hit the local consignment shop first as kids tend to wear “dressy” clothes only once before out-growing. If you’re in Pitt Meadows, check out Jak and Jills. Beyond that I tend to gravitate towards H&M and Old Navy, looking for more neutral items – no logos, characters or funny sayings. 

I have to admit I am slightly addicted to shopping on Amazon or Shein – you can find some beautiful dresses at amazing prices! Just be sure to read the reviews very carefully for quality and size advice, and be sure to leave enough time for shipping! But otherwise just shop where you normally shop, the most important thing is that you feel gorgeous and confident. 



How the clothes make you feel is just as important as how they look. If you’re uncomfortable in your outfit or feel self-conscious, it will absolutely show through in your portraits. The same is true for kids.

Don’t forget about footwear! You don’t have to run out and buy new shoes for the whole family but make sure they’re clean and go with your outfit choices. You might reconsider those stiletos if your son is wearing running shoes. 

Try to avoid horizontal stripes, logos, neon colours, anything too matchy-matchy. But don’t be afraid of a few accessories – a scarf, headband, jean jacket, etc.

Kids are more cooperative if you involve them! Take them shopping with you or let them choose between two outfits.

I’m here to help! If you need direction on colours, or help deciding between two outfits, take a quick photo and send me a text! Part of my service is helping ensure you and your family look your best and I know how stressful getting outfits together can be.

When you look back on your portraits years from now, what you’re wearing won’t matter nearly as much as how you felt in that moment. So don’t let choosing outfits overwhelm or stress you out, take a deep breathe and enjoy your family exactly as they are.

Sarah Davids, Portrait Photographer

Pitt Meadows, BC